If you’re a resident in Florida, you’ve probably thought about making the switch from storm shutters to hurricane-resistant windows or hurricane-safe doors. Before making any decision like this, it’s important to do research to make sure it’s the right move. 

It’s a great idea to read comparison posts but there are some facts about these storm-ready additions that you might not learn about when analyzing their product features. Here are five things you probably didn’t know about hurricane windows and doors that should help educate you on these popular storm solutions.

1. Hurricane Windows and Doors Don’t Need to be Activated Pre-Storm

As soon as a hurricane is announced, many Floridians rush out to stock up on water, food, and every other necessity. This means the less you have to worry about, the better. 

A key advantage of impact-rated windows is that they are always protecting your home, 24/7. Unlike hurricane shutters or other window treatments, impact glass is always ready while you deal with other preparations. They also provide protection from other elements so you never have to worry about your home if you are out of town.

2. Not All Laminated Glass Systems are Impact Rated

Just because a window is labeled as “laminated” doesn’t mean it has gone through the necessary testing to earn an impact rating. Laminated glass is created when two or more panes of glass are bonded together with a thin layer of film or vinyl in between, called Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB). This shatter-proof membrane is meant to catch broken glass as a fly stuck on sticky paper. While these windows can reduce the damage from an impact, they are NOT impact rated and can still shatter during a hurricane.

3. Pressure Rating Matters

A hurricane window is just a hurricane window, right? No. While windows that are impact-rated are meant to protect you and your home from winds and debris, storm-safe glass and doors have unique pressure and impact ratings that are indicative of their strength and durability. 

Each storm-resistant window and door should come with a marking that shows:

  • Supplier’s name
  • Place of fabrication
  • Date of manufacture
  • Thickness
  • Certifications or safety standards that the glass meets

4. 15 Years Old? Time to Change

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. The same is true for impact windows. Depending on the brand and materials, impact windows can function properly for 10 to 25 years. We use the 15-year mark as a general rule but it’s still important to evaluate your windows after 10 years. This happens due to the seals starting to wear and the glass losing strength. 

5. Myths About Hurrican Preparation

Impact windows will NOT protect your home if they are left open during a storm. It is a myth that leaving windows cracked open during a storm to prevent air pressure from building up is helpful. Leaving your windows cracked open will only let in wind and water enter the building.

That’s just one misunderstanding about impact windows but there are more than we can type. For example, some residents think that putting force against a door will prevent the wind from blowing it down. If the wind is strong enough, it will blow down a door regardless of what’s put behind it. 

Impact Windows From The Window Guys

Impact windows and doors are a great way to protect your home from dangerous storms and other elements. If you’re ready to have impact windows and doors installed then head over to our contact page so we can get started!