Hurricanes are devastating storms that can completely destroy buildings. Those who live in South Florida have to prepare for these storms each year to ensure they can make it through the storm safely. Being a South Florida resident, you’ve more than likely had to prepare for one of these storms before, so you know how large of a task it can be. 

Collecting food, water, and other essential supplies is important, but so is protecting your home and the people inside. There are a number of ways you can do this, including shutters and wooden barricades, but nothing provides the same amount of year-round protection as impact windows. Impact windows are the ultimate solution for making sure your home is safe from hurricane winds and flying debris. The Window Guys want to help you find the right impact windows for your home. Here are 5 things to look for in new impact windows. 

Corrosion Resistance

One important thing to look for is impact windows that can resist corrosion from the salty air. If impact windows aren’t corrosion resistant, they will become even more vulnerable to hurricanes and other strong storms. Corrosion-resistant impact windows will ensure they last for years to come. 

High Durability 

In the state of Florida, buildings are inspected every 40 years to ensure they are up to weather protection standards. Condos are usually tasked with replacing all of their impact windows and doors. This can be a costly task that you don’t want to be stuck with. That is why you should make sure the impact windows you purchase are durable and meet the usual standards to last many years.

Hurricane Level Resistance

Checking the hurricane level of resistance is vital to ensuring the windows you are purchasing can withstand winds from a hurricane. Hurricanes come in different categories so it’s important to know that your impact windows can defend against a category 5 hurricane. Having category 5-resistant windows is the best way to know you’ll be safe when a storm hits. 

Follow Proper Building Codes

If you want to not get hit with fines from the city you live in, it’s best to know that the impact windows you’re installing follow proper building codes. Both federal and state governments have codes in place that need to be met. The Window Guys follow all of these guidelines and you’ll never have to worry about any potential fines or notices. 

Buy Locally Made Impact Windows

Buying locally-made impact windows, like the ones from The Window Guys, will give you the best windows for the state you’re in. Buying local means they will more than likely follow the correct building codes. 

Get Local Impact Windows

If you want to stay protected all year round from storms of every category, then the Window Guys are here for you. Our windows are manufactured locally and follow all of the codes and standards in the state of Florida. We’re ready to provide you with the ultimate storm protection. Visit our contact page today if you have any questions.