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5 Must Know Reasons For Replacing The Windows In Your Condo With Hurricane Windows

Is it time to replace the windows in your condo? Perhaps you haven’t even thought about it.

Want to raise the Real Estate value of your home? Here are 5 must know reasons why you need to replace your windows with Hurricane windows right now:

  1. Meeting Code Standards – Changes to the building codes in Florida mean that your current windows and shutters may be no longer up to code.
    We can help you choose hurricane windows that will meet these standards, while providing many other benefits.
  2. Storm Protection – During a storm, winds are much stronger at higher elevations such as high rises and condos.
    Hurricane windows provide a better seal than shutters, thereby reducing the risk of damage caused by flying debris and high winds.
    They also provide 24/7 protection, which can be advantageous to part-time, seasonal residents or when a surprise storms hits.
  3. Noise reduction – Hurricane windows block out almost all outside noise.
    Your family can be comfortable in your condo during a storm without being subjected to the howling winds of an ongoing storm.They also block 99% of UV rays, providing you and your family with further protection.
  4. Energy Efficiency – Hurricane windows will help to insulate your home, keeping you comfortable without having to adjust your thermostat.
    Warm air is kept outside in the summer and inside during the winter. This translates into long term cost savings for you.
  5. Theft Protection- Hurricane windows have extremely thick glass and strong frames, making it harder for thieves to enter your home.Your home becomes less of a target for burglars, which will also reduce your insurance premiums.For more information about Hurricane windows, contact the professionals at The Window Guys of Florida at (561)598-6295. We look forward to hearing from you!

    The Window Guys of Florida is West Palm Beach’s premier residential, condominium and commercial specialists in impact resistant hurricane windows and doors.

    Since 2003, our company stands for quality, professionalism, and peace of mind, combined with the latest technologies in impact doors, hurricane windows, store-front, railings, fire rated glass, and more.

    Our dedicated professionals work together as a team to provide our clients with a smooth process and a superior end result.

    Our extensive product lines are designed to adapt to the demands of your project regardless of your budget, maintaining the highest quality standards and complying with all State of Florida and Miami Dade building codes.

    We also provide a range of services that give you a complete package of installation without the headaches of dealing with different companies and trades.

    The Window Guys of Florida look forward to working with you and meeting your hurricane impact window and door needs.