When a large storm makes its way for South Florida, there’s only so much you can do to properly defend your home as you hunker down. South Florida storms can be anything from a brief sun shower to the infamous category 5 hurricane. However make no mistake: every kind of storm can actually cause damage to your home. There’s a variety of ways a storm can affect your home, including:

Storm Damage Types

Rain Damage

One of the most common storm damage types that occurs to homes is, of course, rain damage. Constant heavy downpours can lead to rainwater seeping through cracks in your roof and walls. Rainwater that enters your home can become stagnant, pooling on certain parts of your ceilings. It will eventually form cracks allowing the rainwater to reach the ground, before bursting completely. Water that makes it inside your walls can damage the frame and rot the wood.

Wind Damage

Wind, depending on the strength of the storm, can be severely damaging. While mild gusts may knock over exterior furniture or decorations, hurricane force gales can uproot large trees, flip cars, and even rip your roof off completely.

Thrown Debris

As wind speeds pick up during a storm, loose debris, furniture, decorations, and more left outside can be picked up and thrown around. Flung tree branches can completely destroy standard windows, and cause tremendous damage to vehicles left outside in the driveway.

Hail Damage

While an uncommon occurrence, hail has been known to fall during storms in Florida from time to time. Large, baseball sized hail has been known to fall on occasion, causing major damage to your property. You could find things like your mailbox and car completely dented from an onslaught of hail, as well as damaged tiles on your roof.

Mold Formation

Mold formation can occur following rain damage from a heavy storm. That stagnant water creates damp, humid spots in your home that are ideal for mold formation. Mold will begin to grow exponentially, leading to potential health risks for your entire family.

Flood Damage

During heavy South Florida storms, there can be enough rainfall in a short enough period of time to cause flash floods. These fast moving, high rising waters are extremely dangerous, so it’s imperative you get to safety as soon as possible. Flash floods can rise so high that they enter your home, causing damage inside and out.

Fire Damage

An uncommon type of damage that occurs during storms, fire damage certainly is possible. Heavy storms can down power lines, causing sparks to fly. Nearby branches, trees, bushes, and grass can catch ablaze.

Additionally, lightning strikes can also cause fires to form, which can cause massive damage to the surrounding area as well.

Landscaping Damage

Landscaping and hardscaping done to your home can, unfortunately, be damaged during South Florida’s storms. Heavy rains and winds can rip trees and bushes right out of the ground, and damage tiles in your driveway and backyard patio.

Exterior Property Damage

During heavy south Florida storms such as tropical storms and hurricanes, it is highly recommended that you bring exterior furniture such as grills, patio sets, and your car inside to avoid being damaged or causing damage elsewhere to your home. Even so, heavy winds can completely destroy things like your backyard fence.

Window Damage

As major storms roll in they bring heavy pressure that puts major stress on your home. Standard windows can only bear so much before they completely shatter. This can be a major disaster, as your windows are the only barrier between your home’s interior and the outside world. When there’s a major storm raging outside, you need a home defense solution that can and will protect your family—that’s where the Window Guys come in. As the largest provider of high-quality impact windows, you can ensure your home’s interior is defended against whatever that storm may bring. Contact us to receive a free quote and ensure your home’s ready for hurricane season 2022 today!