A Look at Impact Terrace Doors by WinDoor

Professional door installers often recommend products made by WinDoor. This company is known for its superior craftsmanship, enviable aesthetics, and exceptional impact construction. If you’re building a new home or it’s time to renovate your existing home, you should take a look at the collection of terrace doors by WinDoor. The V-800 Series and the 9050 Series are both available with high impact glass. For homeowners in West Palm Beach, FL, these storm doors can offer peace of mind during a busy hurricane season. Glass Door To Spacious Outdoor Terrace

V-800 Series

WinDoor’s V-800 terrace door is a beautifully constructed door made from reinforced vinyl. It features a multi-point lock and seal system, and best of all, both the glass and vinyl materials come in high impact-certified options. With the V-800 Series, homeowners and builders can customize the storm door installation. It’s available with either standard or low profile sills, and in fin, flange, and flush framing. This impact-resistant door comes standard with a white finish, but the company does offer the option to have it finished in a custom paint color. Homeowners could even decide to have different finishes applied to the interior and exterior sides. The high impact glass includes an insulated airspace to maximize energy efficiency. Low-E coatings and various tints are available to boost energy efficiency further.

9050 Series

Homeowners and builders who are interested in customizing their terrace doors with a single or double swing should take a look at the 9050 Series by WinDoor. Either of these choices will give you superior pressure resistance and water performance. If you aren’t sure which is right for your home, you can talk to a professional door installer for guidance. Like the V-800 Series terrace door, the 9050 Series is available with fin, flange, and flush framing options, and standard and low-profile sills are available. The standard bottom rail is 5 1/8” tall. The high bottom rail choice is 8 ¾” tall. The type of paint you choose can affect your WinDoor warranty. A clear anodized finish has a five-year warranty. White and bronze options offer a three-year warranty, and Hatteras White and Bermuda Bronze have a 10-year warranty. Custom paint options are also available.

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