What Are Small and Large Missile Tests?

Hurricane impact windows are a must-have feature for every homeowner and commercial building owner in storm-prone Florida. But how can you be sure that the windows you’re having installed will really perform as they should? Window installation experts in West Palm Beach, FL use products that have been impact-resistant certified. This means the impact windows have passed rigorous testing protocols, including small and large missile tests.

Certified windows are tested to ensure they’ll hold up to small missiles, such as glass particles and roof gravel. A hurricane will typically hurl these small missiles 30 feet or higher above their point of origin. Stormproof windows must also withstand impacts from large missiles, which are typically propelled through the air at heights within 30 feet of ground level. These include timbers, bricks, sheet metal, and roof tiles. Current guidelines state that windows located at 30 feet or less above ground level must pass the large missile test. Those that are located higher up must pass either the large missile or small missile test.

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