The Main Causes of Window Failure During Hurricanes

The average hurricane season results in billions of dollars in damage. Homeowners can use insurance payouts and FEMA aid to recover from their losses, but these payments can’t cover everything, and they can’t replace priceless family treasures like photo albums. There’s no way to build a home that is 100% disaster-proof, but it’s possible to improve the capability of your house to withstand hurricane damage. Talk to a window replacement expert in West Palm Beach, FL. He or she can explain why storm impact windows are less likely to fail during hurricanes compared to conventional windows. broken boarded up window

Windows That Aren’t Impact-Resistant Certified

Older homes in Florida are less likely to feature hurricane impact windows. Some homeowners insist upon dragging out storm shutters every season, despite the fact that these offer inferior protection compared to stormproof windows. Nailing down sheets of plywood over the windows is better than doing nothing at all, but this method still doesn’t offer the level of protection that impact windows do.

Roofs That Are Made from Tile

In addition to installing the proper windows, homeowners in storm-prone areas should evaluate their roofing material. Tile roofs pose more of a threat to windows than shingles, although shingles that are damaged will get blown off easily too. Flat roofs that feature gravel ballast also pose a risk. All it takes is one single shingle or rock penetrating through a window to allow the entire force of the wind to enter the home. When hurricane-force winds breach a home, the damage can be catastrophic. Roofs have been known to be blown off from wind penetration.

Whole Windows That Are Blown Inward

Some homeowners try a DIY approach to window replacement. But if impact windows aren’t installed properly by a professional, there is a greater risk that the entire unit—including the window frame—will blow into the home during a severe storm.

Water That Leaks Around the Window Frames

Another hazard of DIY installation is the risk of water leakage during a hurricane. During a severe hurricane, your home will get pounded with thousands of gallons of water. If your windows aren’t installed properly, they can fail as water leaks through the joints or around the frames.

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