The Rigorous Testing and Design Protocols for Impact Doors

When a hurricane makes landfall, it will bring wind speeds that reach incredibly high velocities. Conventional screen doors and sliding glass doors are typically not strong enough to remain in place through the force of a hurricane. To make sure that your home is hurricane-proof, you may want to think about installing impact doors in Boca Raton. A set of quality impact doors will be designed to withstand the strongest, hurricane-force winds. To highlight the strength that impact doors will bring to your property, here is a look at how these products are tested and designed. impact - doors

Miami-Dade Building Code Protocols

In order for a door to be rated as being hurricane and impact resistant, it must meet design protocols that have been outlined by the Miami-Dade Building Code. The Miami-Dade Building Code requires that all impact doors pass a series of strict product tests. Only those doors that meet high standards for wind resistance, air infiltration protection, and fatigue loading will be sold as impact doors for residential and commercial use.

ASTM Structural Testing

Along with meeting Miami-Dade Building Code protocols, impact doors must also undergo structural testing from ASTM. These structural tests assess how wind loads and velocities affect the structural integrity of a door. These test simulate hurricane-force conditions in a controlled, laboratory environment. After passing the ASTM velocity testing procedure, an impact door will be one step closer to reaching the market.

Strength Assembly Testing

The ASTM also provides testing for the individual assembly components of an impact door. A single impact door may be constructed from glass, plastics, and composites. During the testing procedure, technicians from the ASTM will test each material’s ability to withstand high wind forces. If a material does not show extreme signs of stress or breakage when it is exposed to wind forces, it will be approved for use in an impact door. Once the rigorous testing process has been completed, the ASTM will be able to approve an impact door for sale in an area that is vulnerable to hurricanes.

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