Hurricane Survival Tips for New Florida Residents

Unless you’ve lived in a similar coastal setting before, you might not know how to deal with Florida’s frequent hurricanes. Proper preparation with impact windows and storm doors in Boca Raton, FL can limit the damage done and allow you to stay comfortable until the hurricane passes. Watch this video for some hurricane survival tips for new Florida residents.

Although they don’t happen every day, hurricanes tend to be more common in Florida than they are in many other regions. For this reason, you should have a plan ready in case you do experience a hurricane. Be sure to bolster your home with storm doors and impact windows to keep your home standing, and learn how to turn off your gas and water. It’s always handy to have a stock of nonperishable food items, water, and other necessities in your emergency kit. Trim your trees, fill your medications, and stay indoors.

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