Choosing Between Vinyl or Aluminum for Your Impact Windows

If you want to make sure that your home is protected during the next major hurricane, you may want to take the time to have impact windows installed throughout your property. Impact windows are designed to withstand the high winds and other powerful forces that are associated with hurricanes. A company that offers storm impact windows in Boca Raton may be able to offer you vinyl or aluminum impact windows for your house. To help you decide what type of windows will be best for your needs, here is a look at some tips for choosing between vinyl or aluminum impact windows. impact - doors

Consider Energy Efficiency

Your windows will have a major effect on the energy efficiency of your household. When you are shopping for new impact windows, you will need to consider which types of windows will offer you the best energy efficiency. Typically, vinyl windows are slightly more efficient than their aluminum counterparts. With new vinyl windows, you can save on your monthly heating and cooling bills.

Evaluate Impact Resistance

Impact resistance is another key factor to consider when you are shopping for replacement windows. In order to remain intact under the pressure of hurricane force winds, your windows will need to be incredibly strong and durable. Overall, aluminum impact windows offer better impact resistance than vinyl windows. You can also ask your window installers to provide you with more information about the impact resistant qualities of each type of window.

Ask About Ease of Installation

Both vinyl and aluminum windows should be fairly easy for your window contractor to install. By choosing new impact windows that offer simple installation, you will be able to get your home up to hurricane code in no time. Whether you choose vinyl or aluminum windows for your property, you will want to make sure that you hire a reputable contractor for your installation. A trained window installation professional will make sure that your new windows are ready to withstand a major storm.

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