New to Florida? Here's What You Need to Know About Prepping for Hurricane Season

If you have recently relocated to the state of Florida, chances are that you have yet to experience one of the major hurricanes that can strike this area during the peak storm season. To prepare your home for hurricanes like a native Floridian, now is the time to start installing hurricane windows and other storm proof features around your home. A company that offers hurricane impact windows and window replacement near Boca Raton can provide you with the storm proof windows and doors that you need to get your home ready for high winds and heavy rains. Read on for an overview of what new Florida residents need to know about prepping for hurricane season: hurricane - tree

Trim Your Tree Branches

Before the hurricane season kicks into high gear, you should hire a landscaping company to cut back the mature trees and shrubs around your yard. During a big storm, tree branches can rip away from trees, causing dangerous debris to start flying around your yard. Keeping your branches trimmed will help you avoid a dangerous situation.

Consider Investing in a Generator

When a hurricane takes down power lines in your area, you may be left without power for hours or days at a time. To prevent a power outage from compromising your comfort and safety at home, you can install a home backup generator. Your new generator will be designed to automatically switch on when an outage is detected. With a generator, you can keep your lights, outlets, and appliances running throughout the storm.

Think About Window and Door Replacement

All homes and commercial buildings in Florida must be built in accordance with hurricane code. When you move into a new house, however, it may be a smart idea to upgrade your property’s existing windows and doors with new, hurricane-proof models. With a new hurricane window and door installation, you will feel more comfortable as you experience your first Florida hurricane.

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