The Window Guys Of Florida And Kolbe

Over sixty-five years ago, two brothers, my father Herb Kolbe and my uncle Ervin Kolbe, began a business repairing and building windows and door frames. Their little shop was located in a wash house on an 80-acre family dairy farm in Marathon, WI.

Since those days in 1946, Kolbe & Kolbe has grown into a nationally recognized leader in the high-end window and door industry, selling its broad range of product offerings through hundreds of distributors and dealers across the United States, Canada and beyond.

The story of Kolbe & Kolbe is more than a business success story. It is a shining example of a business that has grown both in the size of its facilities and in numbers of employees, yet has retained those important family values that remain at the core of the company’s very existence.

While my father and uncle are no longer with us, their spirits live on in our company today. As Chief Executive Officer, I am committed to continuing Kolbe & Kolbe as a closely-held, family business. We will not depart from the philosophies that made our company successful. We will continue our commitment to our employees and we understand the very important role that Kolbe & Kolbe plays as a major employer in Wausau and the surrounding communities. Our commitment will not be deterred by the vagaries of the national or local economy. We will remain true to our principle that was best stated by my father when he said, “our success is due to the people, the many employees who have served loyally over the years. They are, in essence, an extension of the Kolbe family.”

Judy Gorski, CEO
Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co.

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